Reliable Family Dentistry in Forest Grove

Forest Grove family dentistryAt Stonebrook Family Dental, we're passionate about providing Forest Grove families with the excellent dental care they deserve. Our entire team genuinely cares about your family's dental well-being and strives to provide you with a comfortable experience.

We know how important it is to you that everyone in your family has access to a reliable dental team. Whether you're looking for gum care, need a restoration, or want to bring your little one in for their first visit, you can count on us to provide gentle, compassionate care focused on your needs.

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Dental Services Tailored to Your Family's Needs

Our team understands that each smile is unique, and we tailor all our dental services to suit the needs and goals of every member of your family. By building a strong foundation for oral health, we can promote a lifetime of healthy smiles for every family member. Some of the benefits of visiting a family dentist include:

Establishing Good Dental Hygiene Habits – Our dental team demonstrates how to make brushing and flossing interesting for kids and teens. This helps you instill good dental hygiene habits at a young age and encourages lasting oral health for your whole family.

Discovering Common Dental Issues – Factors such as lifestyle, environment, and genetics can significantly affect your dental health. Our family dentist highlights common dental issues that affect each family member to help address or even prevent significant problems during dental development.

Saving You Time – Since we welcome patients of all ages, we save you from the hassle of visiting multiple dental offices. We recognize how valuable your time is and strive to simplify your family's dental visits.

Compassionate Dental Care For Kids

family dentist in Forest GroveAt Stonebrook Family Dental, we believe that going to the dentist should be something your children look forward to instead of feeling anxious. We provide gentle and compassionate dental care to all ages, especially children. We proudly treat kids under age two by offering wellness checks, screening, and will do any needed restorative work if they feel comfortable. For complex situations, we'll refer you to a trusted pediatric dentist to ensure your child receives expert care.

Our friendly team uses age-appropriate language to explain all procedures, and keep your kids engaged during their visits. Our goal is to help your little ones develop good habits and keep an eye out for any potential issues as they grow.

We offer pulpotomies, fluorides, cleanings, and fillings on a case-by-case basis. Our dental team will also monitor kids and teens for bite issues and can refer you to a specialist for orthodontic needs.

Excellent Dental Care for Teens

Your child's teeth, jaw, and gums experience some of their most notable growth during the teenage years. Our family dentist will closely monitor this stage of dental development so we can be proactive in preventing issues and treating any potential problems.

We also provide comprehensive oral health education to your teens to help them understand why proper hygiene is critical to their overall health and well-being. We'll help them understand how the habits they build now will have long-lasting benefits or consequences to their oral health. If your teen engages in active sports, we can provide custom sports guards to protect their smile. We also provide tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal. To make the process as comfortable as possible, nitrous oxide sedation is available for adults and kids above age fifteen.

Dependable Dental Care for Adults and Seniors

Forest Grove dental officeAt Stonebrook Family Dental, we work diligently to help you maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible. From dental exams and cleanings to restorative treatments, our family dentist has the solutions you need to enjoy the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

For adults and seniors, gum health is more critical than ever. In fact, the most common health risk that affects a senior's smile is gum disease. Periodontal disease can deteriorate the soft tissue in the mouth and, if left unaddressed, can quickly weaken the bone structure, ultimately resulting in tooth loss.

Our Forest Grove dental practice aims to reverse the progression of gum disease and halt further deterioration. We provide scaling and root planing alongside charting and periodic maintenance to monitor the health of your gums. With our extensive knowledge of modern dentistry, we offer effective solutions to restore your smile even if you've already lost some or all of your teeth.

Once our team has thoroughly assessed your current dental health situation and ascertained the root cause of your issues, we offer tailored treatments to help you achieve a lasting smile. Here are even more of the dental services we offer adults and seniors:

  • Cleanings and exams
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Same-day crowns
  • Dental restoration with crowns, bridges, and dentures (traditional or implant-supported)
  • Root canal therapy
  • Nightguards for bruxism and TMJ disorders

Family Dentistry in Forest Grove for All Your Loved Ones

At Stonebrook Family Dental, we are proud to provide high-quality dental services to families throughout Forest Grove and surrounding communities. Whether you're bringing your little one for the first checkup or looking to straighten your smile, we're here for you. We understand that dental health issues vary for every age group. Our dentist has the experience, skills, and technology to resolve your oral health problems. Your comfort and health are always our top priorities. If you're looking for a trusted family dentist in Forest Grove, contact us today to schedule your appointment!