Implant Resource Center



The Oregon Dental Implant Resource Center is a service to all licensed dentists in the State of Oregon and their patients.  Dentists can use the facility to educate their patients about the Dental Implant alternative.  It is available for educational and demonstration purposes to all dentists and their patients free of charge. Because of the initial set up and operational expenses of a facility of this caliber, dentists demonstrating proficiency can actually perform the procedures at the Center, using  the services of experienced surgical assistants, the equipment, and having the support of a knowledgeable dental  implant surgeon.

This Center allows a SEAMLESS approach to dental implant placement.  It is no longer necessary to travel between various offices to accomplish the result.  Often, everything is completed at the Center, from beginning to end.

This implant resource center is designed with the patient's needs in mind. We are dedicated to mentoring and training dentists that want to provide the very best care for their patients. We offer the following services for the local dental community:

  • CT scanning availability
  • Surgical training/Mentoring
  • Computer guided surgery
  • Treatment planning assistance

Patients will leave the Center with a thorough understanding of the dental implant, and effect it can have on their oral health. All this provided by their own dentist, at the Center , using the best of audio visual aids and models.  A sophistaced imaging system will allow the dentist to demonstrate to his/her patient the intricacies and expectations of their very own operation.

Dental Implants are a great alternative in dentistry.  Tidwell Dental provides this Center as a service to expand the knowledge and understanding of implants for the entire State of Oregon.


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